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Energy therapy

Energy is the basis of everything and chakras play an important role in the energy management of your body. These chakras are located at 7 different points linked to our body and each has its own colour and frequency. It is therefore important that they function properly. Imbalance quickly causes a decrease in energy, physical and mental complaints.

As an energetic therapist, I start a treatment, also called healing, by checking and restoring your chakras. This is how we work together to bring your energy back into optimal balance. I then check your organs for proper vibration and adjust them where necessary. I conclude the session by reading the spine, giving me more information about your body and returning it to its natural state. The diagnosis provided by this session enables me to make a plan together with you, so you can really start living from your own strength.

Discover your body’s self-healing capacity!

Through my own experience in the healthcare landscape, I discovered that people usually need more direction and knowledge to recover faster. To this end, I developed an app where people can see their session and associated advice. The app provides people with a holistic approach with ancient Eastern wisdom fused with Western knowledge in an understandable way.

My goal is to help people get rid of their complaints and ensure they grow in health, energy & happiness.

Why? Because of this!

By the way, to benefit from therapy, you don’t have to be sick or have complaints. People often come back for treatment because they feel more energetic and cheerful afterwards. It also works preventively and is very supportive for self-development.

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