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Steffie’s experience (Treatment Bowel & liver cancer) – Nov 2023
Found a very special experience and really find you so involved, thank you for this. You really are a wonderful person.

The experience of Manon (Age 44) – Sept 2023
My session with Michael was intense, clearing and soothing at the same time! An energetic travel through (mostly for me unconscious) aspects of all my bodies, releasing and aligning chakras, all in a very balanced way: grounded, practical and supported by christals, essential oils and sound healing. After the treatment Michael gives a written status quo of how the chakras are doing and what the treatment was mainly focusing on. I’m looking forward to the next session and dive deeper! Thank you Michael for the necessary work you do on this very special time on mother earth!

The experience of Heidi (Age 49 – Portugal) – Feb 2023
I was really curious in trying Michael’s MWO machine. I’m super sensitive to energy but could feel my whole body relax and gently pulsate with the energy waves from the machine.

After this, I then moved onto the massage table where Michael does the hands-on healing. He is an intuitive energy worker and knows exactly where my body’s blocks and problem areas were. My body was more balanced and aligned after each session. My mind was calm and I felt more safety and spaciousness within my being. Highly recommended.

The experience of Ermioni (The Netherlands) – Jan 2023
No less than six months ago, Michael asked if I would share my experience of his last session so that he could put it on his website. So I’ve been putting that off completely, because somewhere I was afraid of being considered “crazy” if I say I see colors while Michael is treating my aura….

During my first session, I still felt little except a sense of calm. I also tended to open my eyes to see what Michael was ‘doing now’. However, with each session my awareness has increased. I find that it is very good for me to have my aura reset/cleaned regularly. Stagnated energy starts flowing again, I can release limiting beliefs better and there is room for growth.

During the last session, I saw exactly the colors Michael was ‘working on’. No more need to look in a regular way. I watched a beautiful spectacle with my eyes closed. All the colors of the rainbow passed by. Sometimes something black passed by and regularly I was bathed in a bright white light.

Some colors kept passing by longer. These turned out afterwards to be those colors that needed attention. Like the blue of my throat chakra. My focus is learning to speak my truth and dare to take my space. (of which note)

Coincidentally, I recently had an aura photo taken, which showed that my throat chakra was indeed “shining” less brightly. If you realize that everything is energy, then taking care of your own life energy is therefore a must for optimal health and sense of well-being. Don’t try to understand this with your mind, but experience it without judgment. Highly recommended! A very satisfied client from Haarlem.

The experience of Myrthe (Age 38 – Portugal) – Nov 2022
My first treatment at Wuwai was powerful and clearly noticeable. Beforehand, I experienced anxiety and panic symptoms and felt like something I could describe as ‘lost’ or not being myself. During the treatment where Michael aligned my chakras I felt a lot of shifts happening. Literally all the thoughts in my head that created a mess could find a way out of my body. I felt calm, i felt trust, in control of channeling emotions and thoughts again and it even unblocked my sexual desires. What does a (wo)man needs more

The experience of Robin (Owner Vida Pura – Portugal) – Okt 2022
Michael and his ambulance came driving up one day last year and introduced himself all very spontaneously. We experienced a few treatments with him and now he is coming here every so many months to spend a week with us on our retreat center and realign everyone’s chakras. Not even a year later, he has many clients here and in the area around us. We get many great reviews and even our own son who was struggling with anxiety episodes says that it was the treatment with Michael that made the difference.

The experience of Valeria (Age 41 – Portugal) – Sep 2022
First i want to say thank you Michael for your beautiful energy, that allows oneself to trust, relax and serender to receive. I already been treated by Michael 3./4 times and each time feels like my body, mind and spirit get aligned by creating a space where is clear, simple and calm. Thank you Michael for being at service of humanity and sharing your passion with the world to heal eachother.

Tommie is 10 years old, and its a very sensitive boy. Since he sarted his treatment with Michael, helps him to be more calm with his anxieties, fears and trust. He loves him and feels very grateful for it.

The experience of Yoeri (Age 36 – Portugal) – Jul 2022
From the first session on I felt instantly progress in my daily life. More energy, better balanced and happier. Michael has always been providing safe and comfortable experiences with great results. His calm energy, friendlyness, enthausiasm and listening ear a very good tools to make Michael a great healer. He sees and feels the energies from the energetic body and has the capacity to bring these energies back into balance. I recommend Michael after having several sessions and I will keep returning for treatments to keep my energy “updated”.

The experience of Kikki – Apr 2021
It’s not very easy to clearly explain what physically happens when you join a session with Michael. What i can tell you is brace yourself for a lifelong shift. If you’re looking for a way to break old worn out patterns do go and give Michael a try. He gently works your chakras and energy while making you feel comfortable from the very first second. It feels safe, relaxing and brings answers to your questions. Michael is able to explain what he does in a practical way, no exaggerated hippie talk and doing. Simply working from the heart to the core of all your 7 chakras. So do not hesitate if you feel it’s time for change in your life. Love, Kiki

The experience of Monta (Letland) – Jan 2021, Portugal
This was my first time getting energy healing. Even though I was familiar with the concept, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Michael is confident and knowledgable and I felt I could fully trust him. It only has been a very short while since my treatment, but I already feel the difference- my energy is higher, I am more joyful, the mind is calmer, I am a lot more present and aware, and it’s way easier to detect and process negative feelings that come up. I am incredibly grateful for this lucky “coincidence” of meeting Michael and having this healing therapy with him.

The experience of Martyna – Jul 2020
Before I met Michael I used to be quite sceptical about this kind of treatment, I didn’t really believed it could change something in my life. And I couldn’t be more wrong…Thanks to the treatment I am slowly becoming a different person – I’m more aware of my feelings, my needs, I have noticed that I can express myself easier. The treatment takes my stress away, makes me calm again. It helps me to better understand not only myself but also people around me. I can definitely recommend the treatment with Michael. It will change your life!