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Healing is feeling πŸ’›

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The power of a morning walk (natural endorphins)

Incredibly simple, amazingly effective and scientifically proven. Walking a few minutes every day can transform your health, body and mind. Get moving!

When you exercise, endorphins are released. This is a hormone that releases positive feelings. Because of this, walking works very well against stress, for example. Walking at dusk or when it is already dark has a positive effect on your sleep. Your body notices that the day is coming to an end and starts producing cortisol, a substance that makes you sleepy. 

Good for body and mind
1. Brain: Just 2 hours of walking a week reduces your risk of stroke by 30%.
2. Memory: Walking 40 minutes 3x a week protects the brain area associated with planning and memory.
3. Mood: 30 minutes a day of walking can reduce symptoms of depression by 36%
4. Health: 3500 steps a day lowers the risk of diabetes by 29%.
5. Obesity: 1 hour a day of walking lowers your risk of obesity by 50%
6. Heart: Walking 30-60 minutes most days of the week dramatically lowers your risk of heart disease.
7. Bones: walking 4 hours a week can lower your risk of hip fractures by up to 43%.
Vitamin Sun β˜€οΈ and vitamin Sea 🌊
Cold water exposure for many health benefits 😍
For the LOVE of nature

#wuwai #mrwuwai #the.wellderness #makoya #meaning #gifts
The MEANING of LIFE is to find your GIFT(S). The PURPOSE is to GIVE it away.

#wuwai #mrwuwai #the.wellderness #makoya #meaning #gifts
What will a physical healing be like?
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