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The Alchemist Movement

The Alchemists movement IS AN ALTERNATIVE, COLLABORATIVE, CIRCULAR ECONOMY MOVEMENT, in which we are all equal. We are a TRIBE.
It is made in the form of a Mandala, it has to do with love, with the realization of our dreams and with the elements of nature.
It’s international and the wisdom is passed from person to person, it’s not on social media; and we don’t use social media.

The origin of this type of movement is in Africa, where in each period, a woman is honored and helped by the other members of her tribe. At this stage, they take care of the children, cook and do house hold chores, provide clothes and goods; making one person at a time stronger and more prosperous, thus contributing to a better experience for the entire tribe. Two Canadian sociologists observed the effective prosperity of these tribes and replicated the movement back to its origins, inspired by tcreating legalitarian collaborative alternative economy equalily move- ments in action and opportunity.

This ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, collaborative movement is also ARTISTIC and ENTREPRENEUR. Through mutual cooperation we positively influence and help in each other’s lives, we consider the possibility of living in a kinder and more generous world where the success of each one is the success of all.
When we support another person with a financial donation, we endow that person not only with financial resources, but also with hope, with more smiles and love, with the ability to carry out projects and fulfill dreams. We make your family and your community prosper.

THE QUESTION TO YOUR SPARK Do you have dreams??
This movement is simple and is guided by the Lineaciertos (guidelines) that you will meet in the presentation. You enter Fire, evolve into Wind, then Earth and reach Water, 4 elements. It is made up of many awakened people and aims to BUILD A BETTER WORLD, by realizing their dreams and projects when they arrive to WATER.


It has to do with the elements, we experience the alchemy in each of them individually.There is a greater force that drives us individually to live each stage of this process; as with everything in life.

Being FIRE: It is to be in love, to speak from the heart; but learning about the movement, equipping yourself with the ability to talk about the movement, in the right way, burning beliefs and behaviors that are no longer needed in this vibration.

Being WIND:It’s communicating inside and outside. Educating thought, contributing to the continuity of this egrégora by bringing 2 elements of the personal tribe to this reality.

Being EARTH:It is gaining structure, managing the events of the mandala, bringing information and nurturing the other elements.

Being WATER: It is receiving, it is doing; because it alchemized the other elements, and signaled to life that it is ready to receive ALL that it has a right to! From within the Mandala but also from Life.


Each fire upon entering, makes a donation of €2,020,- directly to Água. Water, with a complete mandala, receives €16,160, 8 fires x €2,020.
Here there are no managers or intermediaries; no commissions, nothing is bought, nothing is sold; It’s not a pyramid or anything like that. It is a system of mutual cooperation, based on the common good. We all receive, growing and real meaning to our lives, building a good example and a precious heritage for our children.

The Alchemists movement is an evolution of other equivalent movements.
If necessary, we carry out the tools for ENROQUE de winds and fires, changing their positions; leading forward that has a more advanced rhythm and contributes more to the evolution of your mandala. We invite the Waters to do the REweave, that is to return to being FIRE in another mandala, giving rise to a new cycle; and we bring the hierarchy (triad) all with us. In exceptional cases, due to differences in Rhythms or Personal Preferences, we can reweave in a mandala other than that of our lineage.

Certainly the person who invited you to this movement sees you as a responsible and proactive soul, willing to fulfill your dreams and act in your life and in the lives of many others.
Listen to her experience, learn about the system, think about the scope of your actions and make your own decisions. It’s real, it’s happening, NOW!

People join the movement for 3 main reasons:
• For its monetary value – it allows nourishing life and making dreams come true; • Through the tribe – here you can find like-minded souls, many sisters;
• For solidarity – with someone who needs help.
The vehicles are always the TRUST and the VIBRATION that resonates in the heart, in the body, in the soul; when you hear about what it really means to be an ALCHEMIST

The Mandala Evolved When: The Lands Open Water

Everyone advances 1 element with the water gap.
The 2 mandalas that open from the original can be created at different times, when a part is ready it moves forward.

1st the communication with your own mandala
There are 2 presentation (the movement) per week: Tuesdays at 3pm and Fridays at 9pm. You ll receive an invitation for the zoom meetings of the movement.
We communicate with prudence and, if possible, always personally, verbally, as the ancient sages did. We have a lot of information in Telegram chats, which we use for self-management.

The Chats that exist are:
• From the Mandala in question: your mandala ; • Lusofonos Alchemists (Portuguese, spanish);
• Alchemistas (all the alquimistis from the world) • Alchemists’ english chat;
• Alchemists’ Library;
• Don active: Chat to publicize the work that each one does, events and the like (not means that it is by donation);
• . The important thing is to speak from the heart.

We are a movement in EQUALITY and FREEDOM, but we have a book that guides conduct; the GUIDELINES, provided, after saying YES (commitment) It includes information about the movement, about the experience of each element, the Toltec agree- ments and the Sacred Threads that we must weave in experience with our brothers.

The TOLTEC AGREEMENTS are foundations of life, foundations of good communication and a healthy and happy social experience. The Toltec people are part of an ancient civilization that inhabited thousands of years ago, a part of the country we now call Mexico – they were known as people of knowledge. Their wisdom was passed down through generations of naguals (shamans). Don Miguel Ruiz wrote a book about his teachings and knowledge –

The Five Agreements – which represent a way of life that puts us on the path to happiness and love.
HONOR YOUR WORDS Speak with integrity towards truth and love. Say only what you mean and avoid using your word to speak against yourself and to gossip about people.
DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY People’s actions, behaviors and beliefs are a consequence of their own experiencing (they are a projection of their own reality – nothing others do is because of you). If you do this, you will be immune to people’s opinions and judgments and not be the victim of unnecessary suffering.
DO NOT JUDGE Don’t make assumptions. Ask questions, communicate with people around you to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama.
ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST Just do your best under any circumstances and you will avoid regret, self-judgment and self-abuse.
LIVE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE Create your own judgment about each experience and don’t let your fear or other people’s opinions fool you or stop you from starting a new adventure.

The SACRED THREADS are norms of personal conduct that elevate us and help us to build ourselves as better human beings. Foundations of the Movement. You can choose and explain 3 or 5 of them (to not make the presentation to long)
The ethical principles we respect – represent values, attitudes and behaviors that we embody in our journey through this movement

We are present on Zooms and we all actively participate in meetings and group chats. We work as a team, each one is part of the whole.
We are grateful to be a part of this movement and we embrace this journey and everything that comes with it. By showing gratitude, we tell the universe that we are whole and abundant, therefore we receive more in return – “As you give, so shall you receive”.
We feel humbled by the transformation process that takes place in this movement and we put who we are at the service of this network.
We honor our words by behaving in accordance with them. We are responsible and follow directions and respect rhythms.
Love is the strongest driving energy in the universe. We embrace this journey and co-create our dreams together with love and expand/attract abundance and prosperity.
We respect everyone’s time, roles in the movement and differences and diversities – everyone is welcome, all backgrounds, all perspectives are valid.
We communicate openly and clearly about our actions in relation to our commitments in the mandala, as well as feelings, thoughts, questions, doubts and daily actions. The only way to understand things and solve problems is to communicate with each other.
Ourselves, our mandala and our tribe. We honor a community plus supportive way of life based on trust. We work as a team, we rely on each other to progress through the elements – we unite individual and collective efforts.
We do our best to think before we act. Being mindful of our words and actions and attentive to other people.
We care for and protect our movement. We pass our information mouth to mouth, we use the zoom and the telegram app. We do not share information about our movement on social media. We do not expose our sacred space to energies that can diminish it.
We honor our word – we do exactly what we promise. We act towards our dreams in the present moment. We follow each commitment element proactively and lovingly.
We do our best to have clear and assertive communication.
We stay focused on our goals – What dreams do you want to materialize?
We are people oriented towards solutions through creativity. We are always open to any ideas, suggestions and solutions that make our weaving process more fluid and dynamic.
We are all the same, we all go through all the elements and we all make the commitments we agreed to keep when we said our yes. By creating a balance between giving and receiving and working as a team, we create a space where we can support each other and provide for everyone.
We behave in a way that is consistent with both individual and collective goals.
We live the weaving experience with happiness. We joyfully celebrate everyone’s achievements, because each individual’s success is also a group achievement – we work together to manifest everyone’s dreams.

Whoever says YES wil come to WEAVE this new way of life with us.

What name are you going to give your Mandala? Have you already written your dream? Did you record your projects in detail?